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If you are a fan of Smith’s products, then obviously Smiths electric knife sharpener may become the first thing you will think of to be the solution for your dull knives. It is not a secret that Smith’s has been offering best of the best product in order to ease our daily life. The offerings vary from hunting tools, housewares, kitchen wares, and that being said, knife sharpeners are among them. With so many existing competitors in the same industry, now here’s why you should consider the electric knife sharpener of Smith’s instead of others.

The design is compact and easy to carry. One of the best things about Smiths electric knife sharpener is the fact that it comes in a compact size. With its relatively small size, despite full of functions, you can smuggle it to your backpack—if you are someone who is into outdoor activities like hunting or fishing.

The second feature of sharpener is the duality which comes with it. Obviously, for the case of regular sharpeners, you have to manually hold the sharpener, swiping the knife, measuring the right angle, etc. However, this electric knife sharpener offers you not only manual setting, but also an automatic setting. Therefore, there are synthetic wheels in each of slots at sharpener. Hence, Smiths electric knife sharpener will automatically hold the knife with the perfect angle. As for the manual slot, it can be used for maintaining procedure of an already fine edge of blade.

Moreover, as for the third special feature about this particular Smith’s product, of course is its diamond-coated line of sharpeners. So, besides manufacturing ordinary sharpener with steel wheels, the company also puts a line in which it features diamond-layered sharpening wheels. In addition, these sharpeners are also time-saving. Usually, other products would take minutes for you to finally have the fine edge of blade that you desire. It also includes the duration of soaking the sharpeners. This electric tool only takes seconds for a durable and razor-like sharpness of edge.

To have your hands on these great features, the prices offered by the giant company of hardware Smiths are varied. If you now worry about the price, then don’t. You have to diminish those thought because once again, good things always come with a price. In addition, by remembering all those features above, surely, the product of Smiths electric knife sharpener is worth it.
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Tri stone knife sharpener is the perfect tool to bring back the sharpness of your blade. Storing any knives which haven’t met a stone for years and was extremely dull? It does not matter as this sharpener will solve the problem for you. With several grits on the set, you can have the razor-like sharpness and clean edge of blade. Now, for any of you who don’t have the slightest idea about this set of sharpener, hopefully, this article will help you to decide what you are going to choose for the turned-to-dull favorite knife.

For your information, the basic thing about this particular tri stone knife sharpener, like its name, usually consists of a set of stones. In addition, it is different from the regular sharpener which only includes one stone, one rod, or a pair of wheels. Also, each of these stones has different number of grit—particles of the stone. Moreover, the less the grit of stone will result in rougher edge of blade and vice versa. That being said, in most of cases, the stones in a set of sharpener come in the form of rough-medium-finest grit which will be used simultaneously to achieve the desired edges.

For example, one product of tri stone knife sharpener includes 240-grit, 1000-grit, and 3000-grit stones. Furthermore, in the early process of sharpening, you will use one stone with the smallest amount of grit. That is stone with 240-grit. As for the later process, the medium grit of stone—1000-grit stone will help you to polish the rough edge to a finer edge. In the end, you will finish the process by using the stone with the finest grit, which is 3000-grit stone. This stone definitely brings out the smoothness of your edge of blade. Of course, please remember to soak the stone beforehand. Well, this is not obligatory, however, as some of the stone sharpeners can also work with only a splash of water.
In fact, the procedure of how to take care of the sharpener is pretty much simple and easy to do. After you are done with sharpening the blade, just wipe the stones of sharpener by using a wet towel or fabric. Wipe them thoroughly, so there is no any residual left on the stone. Now, you can have all these simplicity and effective sharpening of tri stone knife sharpener from Wusthof, Norton or Smith’s.
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Having a nice backyard design is what everybody dreams of. Back yard is one of the most important aspect of the house which should be taken care well. It is part of the exterior design of the house which can add the style of the house. Besides, backyard is an area of the house which can be so private. More often than not, backyard is one of the most favorite part of the house which the owner will go to after coming back from work to release the stress. For that matter, finding a design which can make you feel comfortable is the first thing to do


One good example of backyard design which you can copy from is shown from these pictures taken by Ema Peter. The pictures are taken from a 3857-square-feet cascading house located in North Vancouver, Canada. The backyard and the house are creatively designed by Office of McFarlane Biggar which built the house in between of the panoramic city of the South Vancouver and the lush ravines of the North Vancouver. The backyard is seemingly perfect and comfortable for a modern family, primarily for kids playground.

Even though the backyard seems so charming, but in fact, the key point is pretty simple. All you have to do is just making sure that your backyard has enough space for three main parts, which are the carpet grass area, the plants area, and the pavers area. You can save some spaces for plating carpet grass seed so that you and your kids can sit on it on the weekend while playing with them. The pavers area are very useful for giving a pathway connecting the house and the backyard. On the other hands, plants are just important to make your backyard look tidy, green, and not empty. Once you deal with these three aspects, you will get yourself a nice backyard design.

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If you think that that having book shelves in the living room or any other rooms at your house, you could not be more wrong. In fact, all you need is just a creative shelves idea. Commonly, you find many people put their bookshelves or ordinary shelves installed on the wall or on the floor. That is so ordinary! Have you imagined if the storage shelves are part of the wall itself? What is, you create your house walls for shelves too? It is practical and space-saving, we might say.


If you have not pictured it well in your head, you might want to see what thesecreative shelves are going to look like in a real arrangement through these pictures. These shelves belong to an Arsenal Flat located on top of the Haussmannian building in Paris, France. The room is nicely done by the H2 Architectes. As you may see from the pictures, every walls in this house are transformed into bookshelves. They are not just practical and space-saving, but they are also pretty beautiful in the eyes. All you have to do is just making sure that the shelves are nicely and tidily arranged.

One thing we can surely learn from this magnificent design is how the designer knows how to balance the shelves and the walls. Turning your walls into shelves does not mean that you should transform every single walls into it. You still need some real walls for sure. That is why, in order to make that happens, you need to adjust it with your creativity. Ask your personal architect to help you out for this matter. Trying to pick the wood for the shelves to give the house a natural atmosphere. Selecting wood flooring can also support the creative shelves to look good and natural at the very same time.
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When it comes to kitchen selection, everybody will always want a fresh kitchendesign, without any doubt. That is not so surprisin because kitchen is one of the most important and substantial part of the house. Kitchen is where the cooking activities are held and, obviously, kitchen is the first room of the house which you will go to when you wake up in the morning for a cup of coffee. For that matter, it is then very important for ensuring that your kitchen is comfortable and fresh enough.


A good example of fresh kitchen design is shown by these pictures. The kitchen in these pictures belongs to a small apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, and currently owned by a young couple. The kitchen is creatively and beautifully designed by MiCasa. One thing which makes this kitchen irresistable is the balance of the material used for making the furniture. As you may see, the designer is wisely balancing the modern furniture made from metal and the traditional ones made from wood. Plus, the color selection is simply wise and breathtaking.

We can start form the dining table selection. The designer knows that dining table should be cozy and having a down-to-earth kind of atmosphere. That is why, a wood rectangular dining table is just perfect for this kitchen design. For balancing the wood table, having some white metal dining chairs is what you need to do. It is optional, but you can apply a floor carpet below the dining table for avoiding the stain coming from the food seek through the floor. On the other hand, the kitchen cabinet is very simple and elegant dominated by metal material. The oven, the microwave and the refrigerator are combined together to form a wall to separate the kitchen with the rest of the room, while the washbasin is placed next to it. Once you have done wit that, without you notice it, a fresh kitchen is already done for your house!
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If we are talking about sofa selection, nobody will disagree about how a scandinavian blue sectional sofa will light up every living rooms. That is correct! When ti comes to finding the perfect sofa for your living room, the color and the type of the sofa matter a lot. There are many types of sofa and one of the most practical and lovable one is the sectional sofa. On the other hand, scandinavian blue is a bright color which can give a nice, cheerful atmosphere into the room. Once they are combined into one furniture, you will get yourself a nice sofa with a nice color.


A good example of how nice a blue sectional sofa for a living room can be seen from these pictures. The pictures are taken from a private house located in Sofia, Bulgaria by a talented photographer named Asen Emilove. The room is beautifully designed by dontDIY which successfully makes the room become a comfortable living space, thanks to the sectional sofa. The sofa in this living room is very comfortable and can serve for a bed too. Having a sectional sofa can allow you to fulfil the space at the corner of the room tidily, as what you see from the pictures.

However, that is not the only brilliant idea which the designer of this room did. In order to support the lightning of the sofa, the designers are using two main ideas, which are the windows and a black Jean Prouve Vitra lighting fixture hovering over the sofa. In the afternoon, the window will let the sunlight in so that the lighting can depend only on that. It is easy and cheap! At night, the light from the lamp hovering over the sofa will be the main source. As the final touch, you can put two wood coffee tables and a floor carpet to accompany the blue sectional sofa in your living room.