Rather than using the regular plastic bags when cleaning dog’s waste, it is better to use biobag dog waste bags. Certified by Biodegradable Product Institute, this BioBag dog waste bags bulk is proven to be compostable as these bags are made of organic material, easy to be consumed by the micro-organism living in our soils. In which, it makes it easy to recycle. This leads to a new finding that these bags serve no harm to our environment. Just as how BioBag goal is, that is to divert organic waste entering the landfills. The bags can be used for various kind of waste, but the following paragraph will only highlight the waste bags for pets.


Now let’s compare the biobag dog waste bags to the regular plastic bags. First, regular plastic bags are difficult to recycle. They’re made of a variety of chemicals which makes it seriously difficult to decompose. Studies have reported that it will take about ten to a thousand years for plastic bags to decompose. This is obviously not healthy at all for our environment. Second, it is harmful to our environment. Even there have been some cases where not only it pollutes the ecosystem, but it also killed its inhabitants. Those cases where sea dwellers are found killed with a plastic bag in them.

Clearly, with those two points are made, you can see that these bio bag bags are much a better option than the regular plastic bags. Also, if you think that a bio bag is weaker than a regular plastic bag, then you are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, these biobag dog waste bags are sturdier than a regular plastic bag is. Better yet, they also come in a bigger size than a regular plastic bag. While it is said to be bigger than regular plastic bags, these biodegradable bags actually come in various size and shape.


Taken from its official website, you can either choose the one with standard size or large size, one with handles or one without handles. For an easier portability, then you might want to check out one on a roll. The color, however, it only comes in one color, black. Well, this is partly because the color would hide the contents after the use. To learn more about this, you can directly go to its official website and quickly purchase these biobag dog waste bags as a step toward being a responsible pet owner.