If you play Stardew Valley game, you can have crab pot Stardew Valley from several ways. This item is available after you are completing the specific quest, buying at shop, or crafting. Stardew Valley makes sure the players receive benefit for having this pot. More about this item will be explored at below section.

Using crab pot

This item is located nearby water, such as lakes, ocean, river, and ponds. If you intend to obtain this one, make sure to check crafting level. Fishing should be at level 3 and you need few ingredients. Pot requires wood, iron bar, and copper bar. Wood is approximately 40 for proper pot. This is for crafting method, but other two ways you can rely on. The simplest one is buying at shop with at least 1500g. If you have gold, this is fastest option for obtaining crab pot. Make sure to check that your currency level and gold is enough to do transaction. Crafting and buying at shop have pros and cons. You either gather gold as much as possible then purchase pot or leveling then get ingredients. Another option is completing quest.

Things you can catch

What can you do with crab pot Stardew Valley? Tons of creatures are ready to get caught. Before using pot, you need to know three stages. This item requires bait unless you are Luremaster profession. The latter is specialized to attract anything. The bait is necessary before catching things. Keep in mind that you need to wait until the next morning. It is not fast fishing way, but you get what pot has caught the next day.

At ocean, you can get several creatures using crab pot Stardew Valley bait. They are lobster, clam, crab, mussel, shrimp, and oyster. Lobster is the top item and it can be sold for approximately 120. If you get lobster, another way to utilize is for lobster bisque, fish recipe. The item name is crab pot, which means you can catch crab. This creature has price 100g and you can get relatively fair profit. As similar to lobster, the crab is good for fish recipe, crab pot bundle, and crab cakes. At freshwater area, you use this pot to obtain crayfish, snail, and periwinkle.

Well, the information above will help to understand step by step for obtaining crab pot. You can check either the profit is fair or not. Besides selling, player may use things from pot for different purpose. This is what crab pot Stardew Valley supposed to be in the game.