Chefs – either they’re working in the restaurants or at home – need knives and the best manual knife sharpener they can use to sharpen the knives later on. Fortunately, there are myriad products available today that ease all chefs sharpening their weapon for the war in kitchen including sharpening stone, sharpening steel, and sharpeners. Sharpeners themselves are divided into several types, such as manual and electric. About manual sharpeners, below are some of the best options.

First choice of the best manual knife sharpener is from PriorityChef. According to Knifesharpenerstone, Manual knife sharpener from PriorityChef is capable to sharpen both serrated and straight knife. Get one from PriorityChef if you don’t like sharpening the knives again and again since the manual sharpener will not only sharpen your knives instantly, but also keep them sharp for long time. Another aspect that makes this manual tool recommended is its bargain prices.

Moreover, AccuSharp is the next provider of the best manual knife sharpener. The 001C is highly recommended because it is easy to be used. Other manual knife sharpeners usually have diamond abrasive wheels, but this product by AccuSharp has tungsten carbide abrasive wheels. Even so, it is capable to give your knives the sharp edge.

Both manual sharpeners above are having low price. The criteria are making them much better than other manual sharpeners. However, another criterion that makes 001C more special is its easy maintenance. To clean it, you just need to wash it using water and soap. Users can even wash this tool in their dishwasher. The size is another plus point as its small size allows you to store it in any drawer at kitchen. Besides, AccuSharp’s 001C is portable. You can bring and use it anywhere you want.

In addition, if your knife collection contains expensive ones, there’s nothing better than 4643 manual sharpener by Chef’s Choice. Japanese, European, and American knives can all be sharpened by 4643. You can even sharpen your pocket knives and serrated knives using this Chef’s Choice magnificent sharpener. Compared to 001C, 4643 is much better since the abrasive wheels are the diamond. It means the wheels will sharpen any knife properly and more accurately. This manual sharpener has three slots which one of them is to sharpen Japanese knives. Meanwhile, another one is for American and European knives and the last one is for honing and serrated knives. Unfortunately, this best manual knife sharpener has higher price.