Hairless cat price is definitely expensive. It is no secret about that. Hairless cat breeds are often considered to be the most delicate and precious ones. The kittens are sold for high price, even on the day they were born. There are several well-known breeds of cat that has no-hair appearance. They are including the infamous Sphynx cat and Elf. If you want to know how much it is to bring those cats home, the information is down below.
Price for Sphynx and Elf Cats
For the infamous Sphyx cat, the price for the kitten is around $1,700 to $2,400. The price is highly depending on the color of the cat and the coat quality as well. Even though the price is so expensive, the adorable Sphynx cat personality is going to make it worth everything.

Price for Elf Cats
As for Elf kitten, the price is around $2,000 to $3,000. The car is even more expensive because they are more unique looking, particularly on the ear. The price is also highly depending on the quality of the ear and also the color of the cat. The height of the cat is sometimes considered as well when making the price.

Why is Hairless Cats So Expensive?
According to Palinaspresident, the price up above is probably considered as outrageous and silly amount, especially because the cat is still very small and they do not even have any furs. Well, the condition of hairless cats is different to other cats (with fur). They do not have furs so that they are more prone to the weather or allergies. That is why before they can even meet their new owner, they will need to be vaccinated. Generally, a hairless cat needs three vaccines at the beginning of their lives. The hairless cat price is mostly including the cost of fecal exam and also spays or neuter.
Now, you have understood the estimated price for each famous breed of hairless cat. You also have read the reason why all of them are sold in high price. If you have the plan of adopting a no-hair breed of cat, make sure you have the huge commitment needed. The cats need a lot of care and attention every single day. They also need special diet to keep their body healthy, especially when they do not have any coat of fur covering their body. This is why the hairless cat price is quite high.