What is EULAscan?

Simply put, EULAscan is a place where you may comment on End User License Agreements (known as EULAs), or read comments left by others.

Have you found something suspicious in a EULA, and want to let others know about it? Add your comments to the site.

Are you about to install a new program, and want to see if that 100 page EULA has something in it that you should be aware of? Search on the product's name, and read what other people have said.

Why do people agree to EULAs without reading them? The two main concerns are comprehension and time. EULAscan hopes to combat that by letting the community work as a whole. Now, one comment can both explain what all that legalese means, and, save others the effort of reading through pages of text.

Please contribute comments when you can. The more you share, the smarter the site becomes.

How to use EULAscan:

In the textbox, type the name of the product you are looking for.

In the results that come up, click on the product name that best matches what you're looking for.

If no results appear, or if nothing matching what you want is listed, then click the "Add a product" link to add it to our database.

Once you've clicked on a name, you'll be taken to the product's page, where you may:
Read comments
Share your opinion of a comment (the smiley/sad faces)
Add your own comment

Adding a product:

If we don't have the product you are looking for in our database, please help out by adding the product yourself. After clicking on the "Add a product" link, type in the Company Name and the name of the product.

Adding comments:

Every product page has a form at the end of the page where you may add your comments about the product's EULA. Simply share:

1. Whether the EULA is good or bad

2. What version of the product you're dealing with

3. A comment about your rating. Why do you feel the EULA is good or bad? Is it standard fare, nothing to worry about? Does it try to hide the fact that it's installing spyware? If possible, please quote the section of the EULA you're referring to.

Please remember, you are commenting about the EULA, not the product or the company. There are other places to complain or praise about a product. Please use them, and keep EULAscan EULAspecific.

Agree/Disagree with a comment?

Has someone written something that you feel isn't accurate, or isn't about a EULA? Give 'em the mark of shame, the red sad face. Or, has someone comment pointed out something in a EULA that saved you from doing irrepairable damage to your computer? Show your gratitude by giving them a yellow smiley face. Simply click on the face, displayed with each comment, that reflects your opinion. We will count your vote. However, you'll only be allowed one opinion per comment.