Having a nice backyard design is what everybody dreams of. Back yard is one of the most important aspect of the house which should be taken care well. It is part of the exterior design of the house which can add the style of the house. Besides, backyard is an area of the house which can be so private. More often than not, backyard is one of the most favorite part of the house which the owner will go to after coming back from work to release the stress. For that matter, finding a design which can make you feel comfortable is the first thing to do


One good example of backyard design which you can copy from is shown from these pictures taken by Ema Peter. The pictures are taken from a 3857-square-feet cascading house located in North Vancouver, Canada. The backyard and the house are creatively designed by Office of McFarlane Biggar which built the house in between of the panoramic city of the South Vancouver and the lush ravines of the North Vancouver. The backyard is seemingly perfect and comfortable for a modern family, primarily for kids playground.

Even though the backyard seems so charming, but in fact, the key point is pretty simple. All you have to do is just making sure that your backyard has enough space for three main parts, which are the carpet grass area, the plants area, and the pavers area. You can save some spaces for plating carpet grass seed so that you and your kids can sit on it on the weekend while playing with them. The pavers area are very useful for giving a pathway connecting the house and the backyard. On the other hands, plants are just important to make your backyard look tidy, green, and not empty. Once you deal with these three aspects, you will get yourself a nice backyard design.

source: www.designestyle.com