For so many years, black sectional sofa has been one of the most favorite sofa ever. This is primarily because two main reasons. Firstly, sectional sofa is very versatile in every situations and occasions. One obvious advantage that you can get from picking sectional sofa for your living room is that this sofa can fill in every space in the room quite nicely, primarily if you want to place your sofa at the corner of the room, this sofa is the best option. Secondly, black is one of the safest color for home furniture. It is cool and elegant. Plus, it has clear look.


If you are looking for a black sectional sofa which will steal everyone’s attention easily, that should be the one you see in these pictures. The sofa belongs to a relatively small apartment owned by a young couple and located in Barcelona, Spain. The room is wonderfully designed by MiCasa. Have you noticed that this living room is so simple and breathtaking at the every same time? One reason which makes this living room works the best is the sectional sofa. To make it more comfortable, you can put some sofa cushions on it.

This way, the sofa will also serve as a bed for you when you feel like sleeping on the couch. For that matter, you can also put a standing light placed next to the sofa. This light will help you to get a good lighting when you need to read something while you are on the sofa at night. For securing this living room to have a good lighting, you can depend on the windows. Having a unique coffee table with wheels is another interesting point you should consider. Complete this living room design with a floor carpet under the black sectional sofa to give a nice sitting place for people to sit on the floor.