If we are talking about sofa selection, nobody will disagree about how a scandinavian blue sectional sofa will light up every living rooms. That is correct! When ti comes to finding the perfect sofa for your living room, the color and the type of the sofa matter a lot. There are many types of sofa and one of the most practical and lovable one is the sectional sofa. On the other hand, scandinavian blue is a bright color which can give a nice, cheerful atmosphere into the room. Once they are combined into one furniture, you will get yourself a nice sofa with a nice color.


A good example of how nice a blue sectional sofa for a living room can be seen from these pictures. The pictures are taken from a private house located in Sofia, Bulgaria by a talented photographer named Asen Emilove. The room is beautifully designed by dontDIY which successfully makes the room become a comfortable living space, thanks to the sectional sofa. The sofa in this living room is very comfortable and can serve for a bed too. Having a sectional sofa can allow you to fulfil the space at the corner of the room tidily, as what you see from the pictures.

However, that is not the only brilliant idea which the designer of this room did. In order to support the lightning of the sofa, the designers are using two main ideas, which are the windows and a black Jean Prouve Vitra lighting fixture hovering over the sofa. In the afternoon, the window will let the sunlight in so that the lighting can depend only on that. It is easy and cheap! At night, the light from the lamp hovering over the sofa will be the main source. As the final touch, you can put two wood coffee tables and a floor carpet to accompany the blue sectional sofa in your living room.