If you think that that having book shelves in the living room or any other rooms at your house, you could not be more wrong. In fact, all you need is just a creative shelves idea. Commonly, you find many people put their bookshelves or ordinary shelves installed on the wall or on the floor. That is so ordinary! Have you imagined if the storage shelves are part of the wall itself? What is, you create your house walls for shelves too? It is practical and space-saving, we might say.


If you have not pictured it well in your head, you might want to see what thesecreative shelves are going to look like in a real arrangement through these pictures. These shelves belong to an Arsenal Flat located on top of the Haussmannian building in Paris, France. The room is nicely done by the H2 Architectes. As you may see from the pictures, every walls in this house are transformed into bookshelves. They are not just practical and space-saving, but they are also pretty beautiful in the eyes. All you have to do is just making sure that the shelves are nicely and tidily arranged.

One thing we can surely learn from this magnificent design is how the designer knows how to balance the shelves and the walls. Turning your walls into shelves does not mean that you should transform every single walls into it. You still need some real walls for sure. That is why, in order to make that happens, you need to adjust it with your creativity. Ask your personal architect to help you out for this matter. Trying to pick the wood for the shelves to give the house a natural atmosphere. Selecting wood flooring can also support the creative shelves to look good and natural at the very same time.